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Vince Lawrence is the founder of Slang Music Group, a multifeatured music and sound house that produces national Gold & Platinum award winning recording artists and delivers modern sounds to the ad industry seamlessly. Recently, our remix artists have worked for top selling acts such as Pink, Jonathan Davis (KORN), R. Kelly, Enrique Iglesias, Wyclef Jean and John Legend to name a few. Along with music for commercials, members of The Slang Music Group have also been working with burgeoning new talent from all over the world.


Vince  is an internationally recognized innovator in dance music. Industry insiders recognize Vince as co-author of the first recording officially designated "house music". Credited with the initial organization of Trax Records, a seminal Chicago House label, Lawrence has exposed some of the dance world's greatest prodigies, including Marshall Jefferson (Move your Body, the house music anthem, etc). Vince and the team at Slang have received numerous gold & platinum awards for their contributions. As a remixer, projects include Michael Jackson, Beyonce/Destiny's Child, R Kelly, and many others.

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